About Me

About Me

Hello. This is a brief account of myself.

My University background is in Psychology, which I loosely define as the scientific investigation of human behaviour and human mind. For my Bachelor theses, I started a collaboration with the Laboratory of Autonomous Robotics and Artificial Life part of the National Research Council, in Rome, mentored by Domenico Parisi. I worked on investigating social and political human phenomena using simulating agents (borrowing techniques from Evolutionary Robotics). This was back in 2012, but the collaboration continued longer after I finished my thesis.

After I got my degree, I started my PhD in Psychology at the University of Plymouth. I investigated the decision strategies humans use to trade-off speed with accuracy. One of the result I am most proud of, which is only published in my thesis1, consist of showing how people use high-level decision strategies even for phenomena that have been thought as purely psychophysical2. I got my PhD in 2016. During my PhD I mostly worked with MATLAB, and some of the scripts I made that I deemed generally useful were shared on my MATLAB File Exchange. One of my script, the Reference Creator, won the MATLAB pick of the week.

During my PhD, I got passionate about Machine Learning and Computer Vision, and when I finished my studies I got hired at Ultrahaptics, in Bristol, as a Computer Vision Engineer. Ultrahaptics uses ultrasound for projecting tactile feedback on your hand, in mid-air, hand-free. Is quite remarkable, and I really like working here. During the first year I created and maintained a gesture recognition system, helped creating demos for clients, and in the process got experienced with Unity and VR technologies. Just to give one example of the cool stuff I was working on, I was heavily involved in the making of this project:

I am also particularly proud about this side-project I did when I got heavily involved with Unity: the Physics Scatter, a Unity tool for placing objects physically. Is not a major seller in the Unity Store, but I still like it 😀

I also worked on a couple of other side projects in my spare time (that is, the time I don't spend on an online course, playing the piano, or composing). You can find them here.

In 2018 I have shifted role, remaining in the same company, getting more involved on the research side of the technology. Currently I am mostly working with modern Machine Learning techniques, having a massive fun with it.

This for my working life.

As for my non-working life, I studied the piano since young age, and got my Music Diploma in 2008 with 10/10 cum laude. Due to the long practice hours required for the diploma, I developed severe back pain which became chronic back pain and accompanied me for the next years. I then manage to solve my back pain problem completely, and resumed the piano career in September 2017, almost 10 years later. I created a blog where I describe in detail my story and the step that I followed for getting rid of the back pain - for now only in Italian, but I will translate it in English eventually. At around the same time, I started composing, and now I consider myself a hobbyist composer/pianist, even if not a really good one at either 🙂  I am also really interested in the life and time of composers from the past, and I consider L. v. Beethoven one of the most remarkable human ever lived.

I have been an extremely passionate novel reader when I was younger. My all time favourite authors are F. Dostoevsky, P. Roth, and on the very top D. F. Wallace. For some reason, I stopped reading novels almost completely when I finished reading the last book of D. F. Wallace. I am still an avid reader, but I consume mostly biographies or essays about art or science.

Another interest of mine is rational thinking (everything around Slate Star Codex and the Less Wrong Community) and political theory: I have been passionate about anarcho-capitalism for years. Now... is more complicated.

I put high value in open discussions and rational thinking.

This is not going to be my programming website, or my music website... I thought about doing several thematic webpages for a bit, each one dedicated to a side of my activities. But at the end of the day, as I am the still one person, this is going to be one website: collating together music, programming, and more.