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Pianocity Milano 2019

I was lucky enough to play for Pianocity Milano 2019 in the session titled 'Wrong Notes' on the 19th of May. Due to the hectic time I was going through 6 months ago, I didn't have the chance to write anything about it. That's a shame, as that event was absolutely fantastic, very well organized, and a lot of good music was performed. I had the chance to play my own repertoire to a public mostly made of young interested people, and it was very well received. One comment I got which made me particularly proud:

It's fresh, new, but a bit like Bartok

The concert took taking place at the beautiful Fondazione Pini, which at the time was hosting an exhibition of the visionary artist Carlos Amorales: a swarm of thousands of black butterflies was filling the space, creating a surreal (and very fitting!) atmosphere.

I have recorded the whole concert so I will slowly drop the videos here. I also played 'A Golden Knife' which I still don't have on my youtube channel.

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