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Math Piano Rock - December 2018

This piece was written in a few days, and it took much longer to master it technically. It is demanding and very tricky in the middle part, with the left-hand beating sometimes on the main beat, sometime in the split between beats. But, I believe, this *works* in creating an interesting effect of an ordered-yet-unstable rhythmic pattern. That was difficult, and that chromatic scale with both hands is also difficult to master at speed. But oh well, the piece overall is *very* fun to play and, I hope, very pleasant to listen to (but not more than a couple of time in a row, eh?). As said in the video, I am indebted to the Math Rock scene. Another partial inspiration is the music of S. Prokofiev. I don't think I have taken anything in particular from these sources, but they did give me so many interesting rhythmic patterns that I have to recognize their influence.

This piece won the 2nd Prize at the International Sorodha Competition in 2018.

The is the piece that people like the most, so I have several versions of it on my youtube channel.

This is the one with the score:

This is me playing it live in Bristol in a particularly successful performance:

And there is also this close-up version - not performed as good, but received many more views for some reason: