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Durian - November 2019

Seems like I have not been updated this space about my compositions for about a year, but I have actually been quite productive (taking into account that I have a full-time job, that is!). I have composed 'A Golden Knife' (performed in public in Milano at PianoCity 2019, but not on YouTube yet), which I am really proud of, Miniature 4, simple but cute, another untitled piece with a lot of async patterns, and most recently this one, Durian. I am also getting better at recording myself, so now I can accompany this piece with some decent video.

Like the Durian fruit, it's is spiky and smelly on the outside, but with a rich and flavoured inside. It also has some Asian scent to it due to the byzantine scale used. This is the first of a 3 set piece, so more to come soon-ish.

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